#1 Being Unemployed

Hello! Thank you so much for listening to the first ever episode of The Money Coven, it’s been all about being unemployed – we hope you liked it. If you’ve not listened to it already just click on the player to hear it now.

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Here are the show notes – links to anything we’ve mentioned and other important pages it might be worth taking a look at.

What benefits am I entitled to?

Entitledto.co.uk – find out what benefits you’re eligible to get before you apply


How to sign on:

The official list of what to bring with you


Other things people on benefits are entitled to:

Can I get free prescriptions?

Cheaper public transport – Jobseekers travelcard

Timpsons free dry cleaning for interviews


JSA rules:

On volunteering

How savings affect your benefits

Your employment rights as an intern


Freebies Bronni & Charlotte enjoyed while being unemployed:

Free cinema tickets from ShowFilmFirst

Free cocktails from Pitcher & Piano every month.


See you next week!

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