Meet the The Money Coven team

Bronni Hughes

Bronni Hughes is a 25 year old professional deals hunter, part-time blogger (and now podcaster, I guess). She was born and raised in a one-horse town in Dorset but she’s lived in London since she turned 18.

You can read her stuff by checking out Beauty Markdown, looking at her personal site that really needs updating but she’s mainly just proud to own the URL for:, and following her on Twitter at @_bronni. She’s the one who doesn’t sound Welsh, btw. 


Charlotte Burns

Charlotte Burns is a 31 year old financial journalist and award-winning money blogger (though everyone thinks she’s 19 because of her chubby face). She’s a proud Swansea girl who lives in London – though her Welsh accent is getting stronger by the day in defiance.

She writes every day at about all things money and is constantly on Twitter (@lottyburns) complaining about things.

honourable mentions

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Our theme tune was made by Bronni’s boyfriend Sam – he’s not really on the internet that much so just ask Bronni if you want to acquire his services.