#6 Supermarkets

This week’s episode is all about shopping for food (and things that aren’t food, and Christmas, and PR drama and how to properly cook baked beans and how to scam self service checkouts and a lot of other rubbish). There was a bit of a recording glitch mid-way through Bronni ranting about glace cherries – which actually ARE a staple food TYVM – and we apologise for it.

Anyway, it’s a really long one this week (lucky you!)

Show notes

Aldi Specialbuys

Amazon Fresh

Charlotte’s review of the Yolt app (where she finds out she spends £130 a week at the supermarket).

Cashback apps: Shopmium (use code KFGMHKGK when you sign up for a free box of Cornettos), ClickSnap, Checkout Smart, Snap & Save, Green Jinn, Shopitize.

Charlotte’s queuing trick.


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