#10 Cinema

How to get free/cheap cinema tickets every time – this is legit, we promise! Any questions? Click drop us a message – themoneycoven at gmail.com…

Show Notes

Free cinema tickets

Show Film First (free cinema tickets)

Slackers Club (free cinema tickets for students at Picturehouse cinemas)

Sweet Sundays (£3 of Mars sweets for a free cinema ticket – Showcase or Cineworld)

Tesco cleaning product offer (from £3 for 2 free Vue tickets)

2 for 1 tickets

Meerkat Movies (2 for 1 on Tues & Weds – you can buy travel insurance for a 1 day trip somewhere in the UK for less than £2 and get it for a year)

Times+ Student (2 for 1 at ODEON on the weekend – £20 for a year)

Not mentioned on the podcast but if you’re disabled you can get a CEA card that will get a free ticket for a carer when you buy one – so 2 for 1!

Reduced price tickets

How to become a student (even if you aren’t one really)


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