#14 Eating out

So this time of year is always a busy time for going out to eat, so we’ve compiled all the ways we know to save a bit of money at restaurants. Here we go!

Show notes

Groupon vouchers

Mystery shopping companies: MarketForce, MysteryDining.net

Zeek (app to buy discounted giftcards)

How to get an NUS card even if you’re not actually a student

#13 Charity

This week we’re back with some thrifty ideas about how you can give to charity this Christmas – with some cheap ways to make a big difference, as well as how you can help someone out for free.

See the links below for how you can get involved:

Show notes

Faith’s post about doing a reverse Advent calendar (and Charlotte’s, which I initially couldn’t find)

The Met Christmas tree campaign

How to befriend an older person with Age UK

Give blood

Sign up as a bone marrow donor

Become an organ donor

Learn first aid for free


#12 Buying a House

Today we’re talking (mainly to Charlotte) about how she bought her house. We chat freehold vs leasehold, what the estate agents aren’t telling you as well as what it’s actually important to look at on Rightmove.

Show notes

How your parents can help you save for a deposit

How buying a house is just like finding a partner

Charlotte’s story of getting her offer accepted

How to buy a house, step 1, ask Twitter

#11 Weddings

Hey! Welcome back for season 2 of The Money Coven – today we’ve got Emma Drew on the podcast to help us tackle weddings – and everything financial to do with them. We chat about dresses, food (a lot about food), how much to spend on gifts, destination weddings and more…


Show Notes

Emma’s post all about her wedding

Made to measure wedding/bridesmaids dresses from China – Facebook review group.

Clubcard vouchers for Goldsmiths

Homemade bouquets for less than £25

Emma’s £1,000 before Christmas money making challenge

#10 Cinema

How to get free/cheap cinema tickets every time – this is legit, we promise! Any questions? Click drop us a message – themoneycoven at gmail.com…

Show Notes

Free cinema tickets

Show Film First (free cinema tickets)

Slackers Club (free cinema tickets for students at Picturehouse cinemas)

Sweet Sundays (£3 of Mars sweets for a free cinema ticket – Showcase or Cineworld)

Tesco cleaning product offer (from £3 for 2 free Vue tickets)

2 for 1 tickets

Meerkat Movies (2 for 1 on Tues & Weds – you can buy travel insurance for a 1 day trip somewhere in the UK for less than £2 and get it for a year)

Times+ Student (2 for 1 at ODEON on the weekend – £20 for a year)

Not mentioned on the podcast but if you’re disabled you can get a CEA card that will get a free ticket for a carer when you buy one – so 2 for 1!

Reduced price tickets

How to become a student (even if you aren’t one really)


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